TruSound Totally Wireless Ear Bud TS TWS1

TruSound introduces wire free ear buds.. Be Amazed  Best High Resolution Sound

Black TruSound Tru Wireless Earbuds

New from Trusound an attractive mini design with specially selected drivers/speakers for excellent sound quality

 Unique battery charging case will charge your phone if needed

Charge your ear buds up to 10 times on your powerful charging case

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Loud powerful sound with built in Lithium Ion battery with up to 3 hours of music play time

Easy to connect to all phones or tablets


AHIO chips for High Resolution Technologies

Best new Bluetooth technology for reliable seamless connections

Designed to be secure

Sweat proof and water resistant and 3 unique tips for a comfortable secure fit 

Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds

Great high energy sound

Bluetooth Ear Buds With Microphone

Not only listen to music use these for hands free voice calling

Sale price 79.99 Regular price


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