Smart Home Speaker

Smart Home Speaker

Innovative smart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio speaker with optional battery .

Smart home speaker product shot

Far field voice control with Alexa with touch panel controls led indicators and function display.

Alexa Voice Assistant:

  • free Alexa App is compatible with Fire OS, Android™, and Apple® devices
  • access Alexa when your device is connected via Wi-Fi or your data plan
  • stream music, podcasts, and audio books from TuneIn, IHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Audible, and other music services
  • access to Alexa skills, such as news updates, weather reports, smart home commands, and more

Smart Speakers With Alexa App

Smart speaker ecosystem that works with Andriod and IOS. App support IHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music

Is There A Monthly Fee For Amazon Alexa?

No but there may be fees from your music provider Spotify or IHeart radio.

How Do I connect Alexa To The Internet?

Using the app provided you simply connect to your home Wi-Fi and enable the app for the music provider you currently are using.

  • Full support for Alexa, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc.
  • 360º omni-direction audio
  • 10-meter far field voice control
  • Dual speaker drivers
  • Frequency response 65hz~20Khz
  • Double Antennas
  • Capacitive touch button
  • Extra sensitive microphone
  • High Efficiency FT Class D amplifier
  • 12W RMS power

Best Smart Speakers For Music

Great sound is about great acoustical engineering and creating the sound stage and dynamic range to faithfully represent the artists’ original rendition.

Best Smart Speakers 2018

This is a High Definition Audio with DSP 32bit processing for hi fidelity HD sound.

Smart Speakers specifications

  • 2 x high sensitive microphone
  • Dual driver/speakers that delivers a low and
    mid-high frequency 12W in total
  • 360 degree sound
  • Bigger acoustic sound stage
  • LED dot matrix display
  • Capacitive touch button
  • Life-style design with different colors
  • Power by battery (Option)

How Do Smart Speakers Work

Your voice controls the ecosystem of information music, news, weather, traffic.

Bluetooth speakers differ from Wi-Fi based home audio systems, like the Sonos whole house stereo system in a few important ways. Bluetooth speakers are meant to be mobile and transportable audio solutions, compared to home Wi-Fi systems that tend to be installed semi permanently in fixed locations. Bluetooth speakers link directly to a smartphone or tablet source and do not require a Wi-Fi network to act as a bridge between the speaker and the device.  The whole house Wi-Fi units can broadcast the same music stream to multiple speakers. Bluetooth speakers are usually limited to a range of around 30 feet. Lastly, the audio sound quality is far superior on Bluetooth systems than it is on Wi-Fi system, because of the nature of the transmission, even if in most listening circumstances it is not that apparent.