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The best halloween party with Amazon Alexa enabled smart home speakers

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The best halloween party with Amazon Alexa enabled smart home speakers

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? Do you want to make your home a little spookier for all the trick-or-treaters that will be stopping by to get some candy? The biggest holiday for some people, not just kids is Halloween, which means people are getting spooky and festive by going to party stores shopping for costumes and scary decorations for outside of their homes. Between the pumpkins, coffins, grim reapers, scary skeletons, witches and the fake cobweb stuff (that is hard to fully get rid of) to make your house the creepiest on the block.

It’s 2018, and besides buying all the decorations, you need something else to intensify the evening. We are living in a digital technology era, and what you really need to add to the evening's ambiance is an Amazon Alexa built-in smart home speaker from Trüsound Audio, a couple of connected devices and you will turn your boring dwelling into the scariest haunted house on the block. You may already have some other smart home devices such as plugs, lighting, bulbs and outlets that will compliment it.  

Purchase an Amazon Alexa enabled smart home speaker today and let the fright night fun begin.

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Scarify it

Remember all the horror movies from the 80’s that kept you up at night or gave you nightmares, the Friday the 13ths, Nightmare on Elm Streets, Halloween series, Texas Chain Saw Massacres etc. Back then they did not have all the fancy green rooms and CGI special effects that filmmakers have now, so what was the thing that made the B slasher flicks so damn scary? The sounds and music that came on when you least expected it. So the best way to take your haunted house or Halloween party to the next level is the with some freaky tunes. The latest Amazon Alexa builtin smart home speaker connects to all the streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music, so you can very easily speak to the Alexa voice assistant and tell it commands such as “play my Halloween song playlist’ and start pumping out your most favorite Halloween songs.  

People talk about Christmas music but “Sympathy for the Devil”, “Dead Man’s Party’ or “Thriller”, “Somebody's Watching Me” or “Ghostbusters theme song” are all scary good classics and will ensure your party guests have a bloody good time. And don’t worry if you are not nerdy enough to make your own playlist, no worries Spotify has plenty to choose from. Here are 66 Halloween songs to rock at your costume party. If you want to scare the tricker treaters and party guests as they are arriving, Spotify has “Scary Halloween Sounds & Spooky Sound Effects” and Pandora has a ton of “Scary Halloween Sounds” filled with zombie noises, howling, ghosty, creaky, spine-tingling sounds perfect for all your haunting to transform any environment into a house of horrors. If you have other home speaker systems such as Sonos, or you want to purchase a few of ours then you can connect them all together for a full home fright night surround sound vibe. Or hide a smart home speaker outside on the porch, control your entire home with your voice, It’ll play your spooky soundtracks or ghost sounds when trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell.  

Let’s tell some Halloween jokes

Alexa can play some jokes, just simply tell it “Alexa, tell me Halloween joke.” And it will say things like "What's black and white and dead all over? A zombie in a tuxedo." Most of the jokes are very kid friendly so go ahead play around with it.

Play a Haunted house game  

You need to enable skills first. If you’re new to the world of Alexa enabled smart home speakers, skills are voice-controllable apps that bring a whole host of new functionality to the device. They easiest way to do is way to turn it on is simply say “Alexa, enable [skill].” Then you can have some fun with spooky games. Just say “Alexa, open Haunted House.” You can choose an adventure type of a game that is perfect Halloween game for children or adults, The game Haunted House takes place on a dark and stormy Halloween night. The story will unfold differently depending on which of the several choices you select along the way.

I want and need candy    

Don’t be that guy waiting at the last minute in line at the local CVS trying to buy a bunch of candy to fill your plastic Jack O’ Lantern candy bowl with sweets for all the costume wearing little superheroes that will ring your doorbell. While you’re watching your favorite childhood horror flicks, just command Alexa to order a big bag of candy off Amazon and you're done. But do it now so it gets there before October 31st or you will be the sucker.


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